WebTrends Hosting - when you want all the power of WebTrends, with the speed and convenience of a hosted service.

If you are considering WebTrends as a solution to your web analytics requirements; but are reluctant to invest in the hardware required or are concerned that you lack the IT resource to install, maintain and support the solution then the EMS WebTrends Analytics 9 Managed Service may be the way forward.

The Managed Service, illustrated below, utilises the client side java page tagging methodology to create visitor history logs on a so called “WebTrends Smartsource Data Collector (SDC)” Server which we host at our London Data Centre. These logs are available to a dedicated WebTrends Analysis Server which we also host.

You can create and access your reports via any web browser in the normal way. EMS can assist with or undertake on your behalf such tasks as page tagging, setup of profiles and filters, custom report creation etc.



Benefits of the EMS Webtrends Managed Service:

  • No own investment in hardware
  • Minimal requirement for own IT resource
  • SDC logs are available to you on request.
  • No limits on the number of profiles (urls) which can be analysed.
  • No limits on custom report creation (Advanced Marketing/Commerce editions).
  • Higher frequency of re-analysis of data allowing the results of changes to profiles, reports etc to be viewed more quickly
  • EMS consultants available to support users in creating reports, page tagging etc.

For more information on the EMS WebTrends Managed Service contact us on – 01428 751655 or e-mail: webtrends@ems-uk.com

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